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We specialise in Ankara Agreement cases and regularly represent Turkish businesspersons and Turkish workers.

We assist our clients in the making of initial applications and further applications for leave to remain and regularly represent sole traders and self-employed business persons from a wide range of businesses, including bar and restaurant owners, hairdressers, business management consultants, cleaners, IT consultants, café/shop owners and other professions. We are familiar with the workings, operation and requirements of small and medium-sized Turkish businesses.

Turkish nationals who wish to establish as self-employed business persons would be well advised to get legal advice on their envisaged applications in order to be made fully aware of the applicable requirements for a grant of leave as a business person under the Ankara Agreement in the UK.

We would be delighted to provide you with honest and thorough immigration advice and representation to allow you to take viable decisions to protect the future interests of you and your business in the UK.