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Toprak Consultancy Ltd is a company specialising in the translation of legal and financial documents. We have been providing translation and interpreting services throughout the North-West for over 20 years. We have competencies in all kinds of legal documents: writs of summons, judgements, statements, contracts, civil, articles of association, balance sheets, bank statements, annual reports, etc…

We place our expertise at your disposal, which allows us to provide you with legal translations of high quality and high terminological precision.

All of our legal translations are carried out by translators translating into their native language, and are proof-read by a second specialist.

Toprak Consultancy Ltd  has also been offering interpreting services throughout the UK and Europe. We have completed many successful projects over the years including;

• Interpreting for local authorities in the North-West of England carrying out health and safety inspections.

• Acting as Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho’s personal interpreter at various press conferences

• Interpreting and translating for UEFA, Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

• Interpreting for Turkish delegates during their visits at various events such as art, craft and pottery workshops, city tours and chamber of commerce conferences.

• Assisting a group of Turkish District Governors during their UK visit.

• Regularly work for the British Foreign Office, providing simultaneous interpreting for Ex-Foreign Secretary Mr Boris Johnson, Turkish Foreign Minister Mr Mevlut Cavusoglu and the United States Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry at the Whitehall, London. (September 2016 – September 2018)

• Worked at 10 Downing Street, providing consecutive interpreting for Prime Minister Theresa May. (May 2018)

Our clients are demanding, and so are we with our translators and interpreters! So, don’t hesitate any longer, do the same as a great number of individuals and various organisations, choose quality, speed, and reliability for all of your legal translations and interpreting services: choose Toprak Consultancy Ltd!